Blog | From Norway to New York, meet Fredrik Haavi on #WeAreLogiNext

Blog | From Norway to New York, meet Fredrik Haavi on #WeAreLogiNext


Born and raised in a small town outside of Oslo, Norway, ‘Outgoing’ is one word that describes Fredrik the best. Always excited about meeting new people and also maintaining existing relationships, Fredrik brings a breath of fresh air to LogiNext’s NY headquarters. Completing a year with the Logistics Technology firm recently, Fredrik lived in New York as a student from 2012-15 post which he went back to Norway to work for Dell EMC and life brought him back to New York with LogiNext. Here, we get in a conversation with the Enterprise Sales expert to learn more about his life and work:


LN: Tell us about yourself and your role at LogiNext.


FH: My name is Fredrik Haavi. I’m a Norwegian SaaS sales professional based out of New York working as a Senior Business Development Manager at LogiNext. I have more than 6 years of experience in customer-facing roles selling to c-suite executives of mid-market and enterprise organizations.


LogiNext Ace Team with Adrian Rubio (L), Fredrik Haavi and Harry O’ Brien


LN: How has your journey been like at LogiNext? 


FH: During our initial conversations, I was very impressed with what I read and learned about the company and the product. The requirements for the role aligned perfectly with my criterias and I felt that my skills were particularly well-suited because of my past experience in SaaS, AI and machine-learning. This is what made the partnership happen. 


I recently had my 1-year work anniversary at LogiNext. It has been a great experience so far. The organization boasts tremendous talent with a mindset of growth, abundance, and success. I’m very proud to be a part of this team and showcase our cutting-edge transport automation platform.


LN: What’s the best thing you like about your role? And what’s something you don’t like about your role? 


FH: I look at Sales more like a consultant role where my job is to honestly educate the customer and try to solve their problems. It becomes a joyful exchange when one looks at sales as an ethical art with your customer’s best interests at heart, and it feels great when companies choose your product as the solution to their problem! 


Rejection is probably one of my least favorite parts of working in sales. However, you can learn a lot from it by asking for feedback from the decision maker about what you could have done better.


Fredrik Haavi (C) at LogiNext NY HQ

Fredrik Haavi (C) at LogiNext NY HQ


LN: Any tips for aspiring professionals in your domain? What has helped you in the journey? 


FH: Sales is a very important and consultative position which requires the utmost respect for your clients. I would suggest perfecting the discovery call as the most important step in the sales cycle. Building rapport means gaining trust by showing concern for their needs and communicating well. It is absolutely crucial to build strong relationships which require excellent questioning and listening skills. 


LN: Tell us something about your personal life. How do you balance your life?


FH: Taking your mind off of work is important and there are different ways to do this. For me personally, workouts are a great way to detach from anything that is work related. I’m a very energetic and active person, so I try to hit the gym at least 4 times per week.


LN: Who are your role models within the organization and outside? 


The good times, Fredrik with his family in Norway

The good times, Fredrik with his family in Norway


FH: My father is my role model. In difficult times, he has been a pillar of strength for my family. 


Within the organization, it would have to be Mradul Khandelwal. He is hard-working, experienced and provides excellent pointers to set others up for success.


LN: What are your aspirations? 


FH: Well, I aspire to continue to develop my leadership and organizational skills and experience in the SaaS industry. And, to always be the best version of myself. 


LN: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? 🙂 


FH: To end racism – Stand up against racial prejudice and disrespectful attitude.


LN: Which is your favorite book, favorite movie? 



Favorite book: “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”

Favorite movie: “Interstellar”


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