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6 Things Supply Chain Decision Makers Look For in Supply Chain Logistics Partners

The global supply chain is expanding and continues to become more complex.Supply chain decision makers are pressured to meet increasing delivery expectations of consumers while market volatility, network capacity and labor shortages create supply chain disruption. To mitigate these challenges, businesses turn to logistics service providers (LSPs) to implement new solutions that create supply chain efficiency and resiliency. A recent survey of supply chain decision makers, conducted by Edelman Intelligence and GlobalTranz, highlights the top six features supply chain decision makers are looking for in logistics service providers (LSPs) and 3PL partners.

Cybersecurity Measures Were Among the Highest-Ranked Needs

With the events of 2021, including the attack on the Colonial Pipeline earlier this year, the importance of supply chain cybersecurity is among the most in-demand factors driving adoption of third-party systems and resources in logistics. According to the report, 93% of respondents, including 92% of leadership and 94% of managers cited a 3PL with cybersecurity measures in place as critical when selecting a service provider. Furthermore, working with outside entity eliminates the hassle of continuous cybersecurity improvement and testing without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the tech stack.

Intuitive Technology Suites Can Make or Break Decisions to Partner

Much like cybersecurity, intuitive technology systems, are another defining factor for supply chain decision makers. Technology tools that are easy to use were cited as critical features among 93% of survey respondents. Technology tools, notably desktop and mobile-enabled capabilities, were listed as in-demand benefits of 3PL partnerships among 86% of survey respondents.

Custom System Integration Reduces Incompatibility Woes

Another core area of concern when selecting a services provider rests with integration and how easily systems can work together to improve throughput. The survey found integration ranks third in the list of in-demand value-added benefits when partnering with a third-party logistics provider, coming in at 89%. This integration implies a greater focus on a unified supply chain tech stack that can help users avoid redundancy, share data in real time, automate processes and avoid ambiguity or miscommunications.

Real-Time Data Creates Actionable Intelligence

Data analytics has been among the biggest topics and areas of thought leadership among logistics providers for several years. Part of that comes from the ability to provide real-time data that enables actionable intelligence, and the 2020 peak season report found that’s still in high demand, coming in with 88% of respondents voicing the need for real-time data across an organization.

Advisory and Logistics Consultants Services to Guide Your Company Through Partnership/Tech Implementation

86% of survey respondents view the ability of a 3PL provider to offer consultative roles to help companies as essential. This covers aspects from helping companies launch and expand, and to enable a turnkey strategy to implementing meaningful changes that can reduce transportation spend. Those are critical factors in meeting the rising demands of delivery expectations and e-commerce buying behaviors during peak season and beyond.

Multimodal Transportation Services Are Also Key to Logistics

Offering multimodal transportation services is another area where supply chain logistics experts express a need in their 3PL partners. The survey found that 83% of respondents viewed this capability as important when parting with a supply chain logistics company.
Increased multimodal use allows for improved routing efficiency and cost savings through fewer miles. Additionally, multimodal services and optimization help businesses drive sustainable transportation. And since sustainability requirements were listed as a defining criteria among 87% of respondents, multimodal transportation services create value in multiple ways for supply chain decision makers.

Tap All In-Demand Services With GlobalTranz by Your Side

Market volatility continues to drive the need for flexible and evolving supply chains. 3PL and LSP companies are an integral component to creating supply chain resiliency. Partnering with the right 3PL providers that offer multimodal logistics services, consultative solutions and agile, secure technology will help you mitigate the challenges of the modern supply chain. Request a consultation with GlobalTranz to learn more about how your supply chain is performing and opportunities to drive efficiency and cost savings.

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