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We find the load to keep you on the road

When you work with Dispatcher Network LLC, you know you are getting the best rates with the most reliable carriers.

What is a freight broker?

A freight broker is a person or company that brings together a shipper and a qualified carrier. A substantial amount of over-the-road freight transportation is handled by freight brokers. Freight brokerage services and companies let you focus on other critical aspects of your business, optimizing productivity and providing you with a competitive advantage. Companies are looking for seamless freight flow and on-time delivery, and this is where freight brokers can help. We can handle complicated lanes and supply capacity for your company’s shipping needs through our freight brokerage solutions.

Top view of man worker or technician with protective mask working in industrial factory or warehouse.

How can freight broker services help you?

Many shippers underestimate the benefits they can grasp from working with a freight broker. Actually, freight brokers can save you time and money. These professionals have extensive industry expertise and connections to negotiate lower rates for you, and also handle all the communication between shippers and carriers. To fully understand the benefits and the use of freight broker services, it’s important to understand how do they work.

Choose a team as dedicated to your success as you are.

Dry Van

If you drive a dry van, we’re the truck dispatching company that will keep your trailer (and your wallet) full. We schedule routes from coast to coast and every day of the week. Keep your schedule full with the team at Dispatcher Network.


The country needs construction materials of all kinds more than ever. Our flatbed routes are filled. We need your help to keep the product moving and our shippers happy. The team at Dispatcher Network is there to help you succeed, every day


The world lives on what’s in your refrigerator truck. From food to medicine to beverages, your reefer is vital to the economy. Let Dispatcher Network help you fill your schedule every week the reefer runs that will make you great money.


We carry all commercial and residential materials. Contact us to get a quote and see why we? our customer service is recognized as the best in the industry.

Making Your Truck Driver’s Life Better

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Dispatcher Network LLC

What Our Customer Say!

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This is the best dispatching services in Los Angeles California. I live Dallas Texas
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Awesome Company To Get Loads From , Dispatch Network was an enjoyable dispatching company. the agents are friendly and always willing to assist you.
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I’m a Box Truck owner I made bread a step it up to 3 trucks and hired my own people
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"Excellent service and staff."
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I will definitely use this company again when in need for shipping

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The Right Loads for Your Schedule

Drivers struggle to find loads that pay enough, offer the right schedule, and allow them to stay busy every workday.

At Dispatcher Network, we work for you and with you, scheduling loads when and where you want them.

  • We negotiate the right price on every load. 
  • We make every mile count. 
  • We handle all the paperwork.
  • We keep your schedule full without any hassle for you.
  • Owner-operator or small trucking company-friendly.

Dispatcher Network We’re the Truck Dispatching Team You Need to Succeed

You’re a driver. You don’t want to spend a lot of time handling [paperwork and “back-office” stuff. Hunting for your own loads and filling out paperwork is the stuff that slows you down and keeps you from being able to compete with the large fleets.

We’re  YOUR dispatch service. We schedule what you want when you want.

When do you want to be home?

How much do you need to make per mile?

Would you like to avoid paperwork?

Dispatcher Network dispatchers work with you to build the schedule you want week after week, month after month.
Everything is done for you!

A New Way to be an Owner Operator or Small Fleet

Stop spending your time working with a bunch of dispatchers trying to piece together a great schedule. 

Don’t waste time chasing loads that will meet your schedule and rates.

It’s that easy. 

Trust our team of experienced negotiators and dispatchers to put together the right schedule for your needs.

Be home when you want – every night, every week, every two weeks, once a month.

Dispatcher Network handle everything.

Why Hire a Truck Dispatcher?

Sure. A truck dispatcher helps you find loads to carry, but there’s a lot more to it than that, especially for owner-operators and small fleets.

  • Negotiating the right price – The most fundamental part of our job is to find loads that pay you well. If you’re not making money, we’re not doing our job.

  • Full compliance – We help to maintain motor carrier compliance so you can keep driving without problems or worries. 

  • Unexpected delays – We work on your behalf when weather, traffic, or mechanical issues delay your delivery. We call the shipper and recipient and make sure they’re aware.

  • Customer service – We’re here for you. When you need us, we answer the call. It’s all about making sure your needs are met as quickly as possible.

->>Dispatcher Network is dedicated to your success, whether you own one truck or several. Our professionals deliver top-shelf service and pricing.

Q) Why use outsourcing dispatching?

Q) Why not hire someone to simply schedule your loads for you?

For an owner-operator, it’s not a full-time job. Once your schedule is film all that needs to happen is to make sure you’re on time and that your shippers are happy.

At Dispatcher Network, we have the trust of brokers and the connections to help you find the right loads, to fill your schedule, and keep you on the road.

We understand your business and your needs. That helps us anticipate what you might need from us.

Outsourced dispatching is less expensive and more efficient than any other type of scheduling.

We work for you!

We work to get you the highest possible rates. Since we are paid as a percentage of your rate, the more you make, the more we make. 

It’s simple.

Dispatcher Network is the #1 truck dispatcher for owner-operators and small fleets. We level the playing field with the major carriers. 

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